6 Reasons Why Indian Rummy’s Legal Status Is Important

In many countries, rummy is played often for a little fun or for a friendly bet and it has been this way for many years. However, rummy has now been declared as a game of ‘skill or mere skill’ in India which means that it bypasses the applicability of laws that stop gambling. Furthermore, online rummy is now legal in the country although there are two states that haven’t necessarily made their ruling sure just yet – Orissa and Assam.


With this in mind, what does it mean? Also, why is this important?

Paying Attention

Above everything else, it shows that the government and relevant bodies are paying serious attention to the rise in popularity of Indian Rummy. Although it has been played for many years, we are now seeing more and more clubs offering the card game as well as online websites and apps.

Many Games Legal

Not only was it rummy that became legal to gamble on, many other games also joined the fray including chess, virtual fantasy sports, poker, auctions, blackjack, and roulette. This shows a huge step for India as a country because it shows how they’re adapting to the new world of technology.

Skill-Based Game

For the player, it shows that the game is based around skill after all. After years of people saying that you are extremely lucky, you can now tell them that it has been skill all along.

Pave The Way

Although we have seen a couple of other games join rummy in the legal group, it could pave the way for even more games to become legal. If the next few years go as planned and there aren’t any major consequences to this new law, we could see a number of other games become legal for gambling in the near future.

Economy Growth

With interest in online gambling growing rapidly, it could be a good opportunity for the government to cash in and make some money. In turn, this money can be spent on important areas in the country. Without legalization, it goes ‘underground’ and the government cannot take any money but they can take a percentage now it is legal.

Difficult to Maintain

For many years, India has been trying to keep online gambling at bay but this process was almost impossible. Firstly, there was no way to stop people abroad betting on Indian sports or card games. Secondly, people inside the country were using websites that had servers outside of the country which made it as hard as finding a needle in a haystack. Now it is legal, India will have more control over what sites are running and who is betting.


There we have it, six reasons why Indian rummy’s legal status is important not only for the game but for the country too. It remains to be seen whether this law will stick but one thing is for certain – it will be interesting to see how the next few months and years go with the introduction of even more technology!



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