Benefits of choosing handmade and hand painted furniture for your home

Handmade tables UK

Whenever you decide to purchase one good piece of furniture for your home, there are dozens of options available to choose from. From handmade dining room tables, to hand painted furniture, coffee tables, beds, book cases – the types of furniture available to make a selection from is a never ending list. In order to have an exquisite outlook to the interior of their homes, many people in UK search for handmade furniture. To suffice their taste of art, furniture lovers do not mind paying 5 times or even more for hand crafted furniture instead of factory produced. The uniqueness found in each piece of furniture that is hand made is worth the cost being paid for it.

Furniture come in different shapes, sizes and styles to cater for the needs of every individual’s vision of how they want their living place or office area to set up. When it comes to remaining either comfortable or more productive, the layout of the design and habits of decorating proceed the worry of finances.

Set your interior differently from others to set you apart

As Adrienne Rich quoted “In every room, the furniture reflects you larger than life, or dwindling.”

When you choose a custom-made furniture, you often end up purchasing something that defines your personality. Every personality is different and holds uniqueness which is projected in the piece of furniture bought . It would be great to find a famous painting to hang from the wall and complement the hand painted furniture you bought for your home or office décor. This might also very well be the missing final touch that was required in order to set your item apart from other art furniture collectors or customized handmade furniture lovers. We all wish to awe the people visiting our place. Buying custom-made products such as dining tables or dining chairs, enables you to set your interior apart from all the other homes – even the kitchen. Moreover, having an original hand-crafted furniture piece can help you in enjoying it durability and in the years to comes – it’s antiqueness.

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5 Good Reasons Of Buying Handmade Dining Tables In UK

Along with the reasons mentioned above, here are further four good reasons, why you should rely on buying handmade dining room tables or custom made designer furniture in UK:

  • Original one of a kind piece of art created at the hands of an artisan
  • Quality wood used to ensure durability against time, conditions and environment
  • Handcrafted products are environment friendly against the scars caused to air by machines
  • The furniture speaks to you in your language depicting your taste with the ability to become a family heirloom
  • Aptly designed and constructed according to your space requirement rather than purchasing on spot and cluttering the dining area – Not a good impression to give

Eco-friendly furniture carved out from a log to fine finished art piece, designed for a healthy home and healthy planet!

There are few Eco friendly hand made furniture providers to help you to be the socially and environmentally responsible inhabitant of the mother earth. So when ever you are going to buy hand made Eco-friendly furniture don’t compromise on the following factors:

  • No Harmful Chemicals or Fire Retardants
    • No fire Teflon or retardants
    • Truncated VOC wood finishes
    • Natural linseed waxes and oils
  • Recycled & Natural Materials 
    • organically grown materials, such as Eco wool and cotton etc
    • reclaimed woods recycleable fabrics
    • 100% natural latex
  • Purily Hand Crafted In The UK
    • Decreasing carbon footprint and increasing quality
    • Able to monitor all materials being used
    • Socially responsible manufacturing practices

If you want to go green then, All material used while making furniture should be Eco friendly from inside out whether it’s the handmade dining room tables or hand painted furniture in UK. These products are usually available at a flat rate usually expensive item. When buying the custom-made and hand crafted furniture, you should expect the functionality that is a match of your own unique needs.

Hand crafted furniture is gaining popularity and easily available in brick and click stores easily. Perfectly crafted art piece suited to your personalised needs is just a few clicks away now. Choose the one that stands out the crowd differently. Happy shopping!

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