How to Plan a Perfect First International Trip?

Though a trip whether short or long is always exciting, but when it is an overseas vacation plan, the excitement automatically reaches a new level. Even the thought of visiting a new place, exploring their culture and trying a whole lot of new things make us fly in a dream world. With the excitement, there comes a tension of planning the whole trip. Every traveler wants to ensure that the entire vacation goes smoothly. This is possible only with the careful and timely planning of each and everything. From hotel booking to packing, passport, medical claim and international roaming solution, there should be clear preparation for everything.

If you are still confused how to plan a perfect first international trip, here are some tips for you.

  1. Create a daily budget

Spending beyond the decided budget is a common problem when you travel abroad. So many things seem new and different that people end up trying all of them. To ensure that you don’t spoil the trip by going out of cash, create a daily budget and stick to it.

  1. Prepare your Smartphone

International roaming is one of the biggest concerns when traveling abroad. First-time travelers don’t have much idea about it and they become the major target of phone bill shocks due to high global roaming plans. Staying disconnected from the loved ones for so many days is also impossible for Indian travelers. So to ensure that you can keep in touch with your family and friends to tell them about your trip, you should download calling apps developed to reduce international roaming. Ajura is a great option for international roaming app that cuts down your roaming charges by around 90 percent.
international roaming charges

  1. Get an international driving permit

If enjoying international road trip is on your cards, don’t forget to obtain an international driving permit. Though car rental companies provide insurance facility, to get a license you require an international driving permit. Along with this, you should also learn about local driving laws.

  1. Choose destinations according to your personality

If you are going on a week’s long trip, exploring all the destinations might not be possible. To make your trip more enjoyable and memorable, make a list of different tourist points and pick only the ones that suit your personality. For instance, if you are a risk taker, plan a visit to adventurous destinations. There are different apps and websites that provide complete information about different tourist places, activities and other major attractions of varied locations. You can explore these sites to plan your trip.

  1. Learn key phrases

When traveling abroad, chances of meeting people who cannot speak English are high. Learning a few local key phrases of the country you are visiting can make things easier. You can learn the simple and daily use phrases like:

  • How are you?
  • Thank you.
  • How much is this?
  • Where is “specific destination?”

This is not just to communicate with the people who don’t know English but also to make them feel good. It gives them a feeling that you respect their culture. Though there are different language translation apps that can quickly translate different languages, learning a new language is always a better option to increase your knowledge.

Hope the tips help you plan your first international trip effectively. If you have some more ideas, please share with us through comments. Your ideas can help many new travelers make their vacations hassle free and memorable.

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