Hungary citizenship: Upcoming international sports events


Olympic history has always been a significant factor of Hungarian history. While Budapest would host the 2024 Olympic Games, the capital along with the entire Hungary is prominent on the global sports map.

Many international sports events are to be held in the country during the coming years with some even starting right in October, 2016. Let it be the sole reason for you to dig in the Hungary Investor Residency Bond Program.

Here’re some exciting sports events that’ll surely lure you to this dazzling country in the Europe!


In 2016

  • The 31st SPAR Budapest Marathon – October 9

Budapest Marathon is the biggest sports event in Hungary with above 27,000 participants from 80 countries. Not just runners from all over the world compete but the event includes many additional programmed such as musical performances to add atmosphere. This year, you can enjoy Budapest Marathon on October 9th right in Budapest, Hungary.

  • ITF Taekwondo World Championship – October 12-16

The SYMA Sports Hall in Budapest is proud to host the 6th ITF Taekwondo World Cup 2016 that’ll last for five days, starting from October 12 to 16. During the last few years, this particular sports gained fame in Hungary as well as all over the globe. The country already hosted various local and international events on a high level such as competitions and seminars, real-time demonstrations, training camps with active participation from various countries.

In 2017

  • 17th FINA World Aquatics Championship – July 15-30

In the mid of July next year, that is 2017, Budapest will become a primary host of another biggest sporting event for the season, none other than the 17th FINA World Aquatics Championship. From participation and global exposure perspective, this particular event will be one-of-a-kind and largest Hungary has ever hosted in history.

With more than 3,000 athletes taking part in over 75 different contests, the 17-day event will definitely be something worth experiencing. This already has and will further drive the Hungary citizenship by investment program as country’s economy further strengthens.

Five different and iconic venues are chosen to add distinct sparkle to the competition. Water sports such as swimming and diving will be held in a new and state-of-the-art complex which is already known as the new wonder of Budapest.

  • European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) – July 23-30, Gyor

The Olympic Games and Spirit have always emphasised history of the country and the possibility of organising the EYOF 2017 will further reinforce the value of sports and raising the next generations to respect and appreciate the tradition.

  • World Arm-wrestling Championship – September 2-11

It’s an ultimate power showdown with more than 1500 participants from 50 different countries participating in the amazing 39th WAF World Arm-wrestling and the 20th Para Arm-wrestling. The championship contest is expected to be held at MOM Sports Centre, Budapest.


The above international sports events followed by many others have triggered a particular liking to Hungary citizenship by investment. If you’re among the many applicants, be sure to participate in at-least one of the event and experience the true thrill of life.

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