IOT and the Power of SMS Messaging


Text messaging or SMS is well known for significant alerts and notifications. Whether it’s in a crisis or a marketing campaign. It is really the most prevailing medium for fast and successful dissemination of text messages.

This is for good cause. In 2013, every 97 out of 100 people used a mobile phone. That is about 7 billion users. Evaluate this to the fact that 77 out 100 people are internet users. SMS does have its downsides like unreliable delivery or spoofing, but it still stays the most omnipresent of communication techniques that fed the rage of a USD 100 Billion international market in 2014.

Impressive statistics sideways, SMS comes with its intrinsic power of ease and accessibility. It is indigenous to every mobile phone, smart or if not. It works from day one of the service, and everybody understands how to use it.

But, we have a new occurrence increasing and that is the IoT. Essentially IOT solutions include sensors, actuators maintained by a controller and a control system with internet thrown into the combination.

Specialists estimate billions of devices will be linked. The most famous device in this tussle is the mobile phone. Use of text SMS now takes IoT to different level. Every mobile phone with text SMS becomes a sensor and an actuator.

This is similar to using SMS for online banking verification. A verification code is obtained via SMS and the user enters the code when provoked.

SMS has a broad range of helpful applications when in direct interaction with IoT hardware. If a user of an IoT-linked security system goes on vacation and overlooks to give their pet sitter the alarm code, the sitter can get an alert and disarm the system through SMS making sure their pets and pet sitter are well looked out. A car linked to IoT can send its driver SMS notifications when it is running low on oil or if there is an engine break down that needs quick attention.

This direct access to relevant and pressing details can also help businesses. For instance, with interaction between devices, a technician can be sent alerts about an out of order machine and halt operation through SMS. IoT-SMS communication can also help users in controlling inventory streams. When a stocking system finds out a definite product is going low, it can send SMS notifications to those in charge of replenishing orders and producing invoices. It can notify the stockroom to future shipments so they have employees on hand to process the order. IoT-SMS interaction keeps your hardware, business, and employees linked in an important, productive discussion.

We are moving from an age where our hardware required communicating with only us to an age where linked devices can interact with each other for enhanced usability, profitability, and competence.

Using SMS gateway allows IoT to reach users all over the world and not only in urban cities and countries. A rice farmer in a rising part of the world would be grateful for control over his crops through IoT if he could use a technology such as SMS. Anticipating him to see dashboards or fix apps on smart phones is not possible.

IoT can benefit very much from SMS messaging in the home and profitable sectors and not just due to its popularity. Whereas various companies are producing apps to line with their IoT techniques to offer monitoring and updates for individual and professional use, various users are besieged by the number of particular apps required in their routine life. Particular apps need development schedules and prices, have learning curves for the customer to get the most out of them, and need a data plan or Wi-Fi connection to interact with IoT devices. The strength of SMS is in its effortlessness. SMS needs no important onboarding method, uses least data, and works on smartphones and attribute phones alike.

The world is getting up to this thought. No wonder the international A2P SMS market is anticipated to reach USD 70.32 Billion in 2020.

Companies such as MSG91, Nexmo , Twilio and others are doing a good job of bringing SMS to the entrance of an every app developer.

Finally, everyone should be able to get profit from IoT. SMS is one effective way.

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