Know Simple Things Before You Go!

Before you stow your bags in the trunk, let’s look at some ways to make your trip smoother, or at least head off trouble to save time and aggravation.

Checking before Check in
Within two days before your trip begins, log on to the airline’s website or call the airline and confirm your reservation. Times or flight numbers may have changed since you booked your reservation, especially if you booked far in advance. All airlines tinker with schedules, adjusting departure times and flight numbers, even changing the type of aircraft or cancelling flights from the schedule completely.

A schedule change can make a significant difference in your original itinerary if you have a connection. You should receive notification of any changes from the airline if you booked your reservation at their website or by phone or from your travel agency, including travel websites. Do not rely on notification. If you booked your trip through an agency, do not call them for this information. Call the airline.

Before you leave home, call the airline to verify your flight is on time or check online from the airline’s website. Plan to arrive at the airport at least an hour prior to departure time for small to midsized regional airports, an hour and a half to two hours for large airports. Most airlines will check bags up to four hours prior to departure only.

You must allow time for traffic jams, long lines, broken TSA equipment, and full flights. If you are notified that your flight is delayed, arrive at the regular time. If the flight is overbooked and you are one of the last to check in, your seat may be given to someone else in accordance with the original departure time. Airline computer systems lock out baggage acceptance at least a half hour before departure time.

If you arrive within that half hour and must check a bag, you must be rebooked for a later flight. Also, check the weather at your destination and connection point for potential delays. A travel agent, of all people, called reservations furious because her traveller was not notified that his flight to St. Louis was delayed due to a massive Midwest snowstorm that was all over the news.

About Your Baggage
Your carryon bag or purse should contain some means to entertain yourself at the airport and on the airplane. Paperback books, magazines, Sudoku and word puzzles, and electronic gadgets such as games and DVD players are frequently used to pass time without leaving the boarding area.

Weigh the bags you will check. If one is over or near fifty pounds, redistribute the contents to another bag to avoid the excess weight charge. As you put each item in your bag, decide if it is important enough to lug around. Are you really going to use it or does indecision make you take it ‘just in case’? There are books and websites devoted to helping you pack economically.

Add flair to your checked bags with ribbons, yarn, a scarf, or similar soft decoration to make it easy to identify later. Millions of people check black bags. Regardless of the brand, they all look alike as they clatter by on the carousel. Blue, green, and red bags are also quite common. A jazzy strip of fabric on the handle will save time and your eyesight. Net bath puffs are au currant as bag decorations. For more clarity, make a call at EasyJet contact number and clear your doubts, if any.

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