Living Room Interior Designing Hacks

Living room decoration requires more work than decorating other part of your homes. Here in this article some interior design hacks which will help you a lot and you don’t need the services of interior designer.

Sofas Consideration

Start your living room furniture plan with the best seat in the room and work from there. Sofa is the heart and meat of any living room. Choose from a variety and style of your living room sofa. If you are in love of fabric sofa and can’t afford search for some cheap fabric sofas. Remember that don’t forget the quality of your cheap fabric sofas.


Living Room Furniture

Homes can be very beautiful and we need to make it more attractive with beautiful furnishing. In the case of living room, you’re excited and making it more luxurious than other part of your home, as living room is the heart of any home where we gather with our friends, families and our relatives. In the selection of living room furniture make sure that your very item match in the contrast of each other and compliment your life-style as well as your home interior decor and look.  Float something in the room a sofa, a lounge chair, to avoid dance hall look. You consider the back of seating as an opportunity.


  • The ideal height of hang your flat-screen TV is must be within your viewing position and according to the level of your eyes and no more. The ideal viewing distance is about 1(1/3) times the size of your flat screen.
  • Remember that; never keep your furniture up against the wall. By keeping your seating arrangement against the wall in (even just a few inches), you instantly warm up a space and create flow.
  • Your furniture matches with exact available space and shall not be big otherwise it create a serious issue.

Adding Items for Achieving Attractive Look

  • Before going to adding decorating items you must need to ask yourself, “Do I am in love of it, does it enhance and compliment my life-style and can I live without having of it?”
  • Restraint calms the eye and gives everything a sense of purpose. 8 inch in considered the exact space between a mirror and the top of metal is 8 inches.
  • Art work must match with your furniture styling and designing, if you have traditional design furniture you need to add traditional artwork and vice versa for contemporary style too.
  • Add some stuffed animal like pets, dogs, and pandas for making it more attractive.
  • Add colourful curtains with exact contrast with your remaining living room decoration.




Things to Remember

  • If you have a painting that looks too small above your sofa or may be cheap fabric sofas. ‘MA’ which is considered as negative and extra space becomes part of the image.
  • Install your doorknobs at 36, a bit lower than the usual 38; it breaks up the doors into a prettier, more relaxed proportion.

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