My Experience- Hiring a Small Business Accountant in Sydney

I own a small business. We provide a lunch box service to corporate clients. With the business slowly expanding, the accounting needs of my business were changing and I needed to hire a small business accountant in Sydney.

This was a time when a simple layman analysis of my profit and cost situation would not suffice. I had to meet legal requirements as well. My profit and loss statement had to be analysed by a professional accountant. Plus I also had to make my own balance sheet, the way larger businesses make theirs.


I do have a basic understanding of all these documents but I felt it was better to get them drawn up by a professional because I knew I might miss something; the consequences of which could be quite dire for the business.

Another important reason I wanted to hire a small business accountant is that I was having trouble with understanding all the tax regulations. Plus I have never been too good at numbers. I mean I can do very basic mathematics, but when it was about keeping track of profits, expenses and losses, I realised it was a completely different ball game. In fact, I realized i was not equipped to handle all of this.

In order to avoid any trouble with the tax authorities, I decided to look for an accountancy firm that could help me out.

Since some of my friends are in the catering business, my first thought was to get in touch with them and get a recommendation on suitable small business accountancy firm in Sydney. I did exactly that and called up a few friends and set a meet up at the local coffee shop. After a discussion with a friend, I got few names of firms such the C & S Partners.

CS Partners are a firm of accountants that provide accounting consultancy to businesses of different sizes, as well as small businesses like mine. My friend was very satisfied with their service; in fact, they also advised her on various problems she was facing with the business. The names of a few other people also came up in the discussion.

After the meet up with my friends, I decided to take a look at the websites of different accountancy firms. I tend to make inferences on the quality of service from the website. If the website seems haphazard I will avoid getting their service.

A lot of the information I needed was on the website of C & S Partners, however, there were some things that I needed to know that were missing. Of course, since this was information that was specific to my business, I decide to call them up and set up an appointment as I was still within business hours.

I managed to speak to a member of their team and set up an appointment. They helped me with a lot of business related problems I was having and I was convinced to get into a long term professional relationship with them. Now C & S Partners looks after the accounting side for my business, while I can think about the more pressing issues at hand like completing orders.


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