Responsibilities of a Quantity Surveyor in Gold Coast

quantity surveyor in Brisbane

Quantity surveyor in Gold Coast is considered a person who views and oversees many parts of a construction project. Traditionally, this job is given to a person that years of experience in the field of construction operations have has been involved in the project management for most of his life. This position helps him work as an independent contractor. People trust and respect him and consult him for their professional matters. Roles of a quantity surveyor keep changing through the entirety of the project. in order to get a deeper insight, you need to keep reading this article.

Lifecycle of the Project:
They key member of a construction project are none other than a quantity surveyor. He is involved in the construction project from the very beginning to the end of the construction project. He takes care of all the aspects of the respective project. These aspects include:
• Fiscal aspects
• Legal aspects
• Engineering aspects

A quantity surveyor in Brisbane plays in important role in the planning of the construction project as well. He is responsible for analyzing if the project is feasible to be undertaken from the economic viewpoint. Person holding this position plays the role of a consultant for the engineers and architects. He tells them the best techniques and methodologies that are effective from the economical point of view.

Your quantity surveyor is well aware and trained on the codes and by laws in building and construction. He will help the respective project to go in compliance with the local and national regulations about the construction project.

Responsibilities during the construction project:

There are number responsibilities that are associated with a quantity surveyor during the construction project. He makes sure that the project is running smoothly. He is responsible for maintaining good environment at work as well as good interpersonal relationships among the individuals at work.

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