Why to Choose Fuji Xerox Toner Cartridge Over Other Toner Cartridges?

Fuji Xerox toner cartridges

A computer system is the necessity of every house. These systems come with a number of accessories. One of the major accessories computer systems come with is a printer. Printer these days are the necessity of both commercial and residential establishments. These however find their major applications in schools and offices. It is because a lot of paper work takes place in these places and a lot of documents need to be printed. Printers run on cartridges. Quality of these cartridges matters a lot when it comes to printing. Fuji Xerox toner cartridges are the most common among the consumers. There are two kinds of cartridges that printers use. If you want to know what those types are, keep reading this article.

Types of printer cartridges:
There are two types of printer cartridges used these days. These cartridges include:
• Toner cartridges
• Ink cartridges

Toner cartridges:
Toner cartridges are used in laser printer. Toner is a finely ground powder that often come with different pigments. These pigments mostly are black with combination of two to three different colors that are usually mixed to produce other colors. The powdered particles of toner are charged up by a laser beam. Charged particles are then picked up by an electromagnetic drum and placed at places where they need to print an image. These particles adhere to the pores of paper and produce the document needed to be printed. These cartridges are used by the modern printers.
Most commonly used toner cartridges are brother printer toner cartridges.

Ink cartridges:
Ink cartridges have liquid ink. These cartridges are used by inkjet printers. These printers are conventional printers that have been in use for a long time. These printers use liquid ink that is picked up by a printer head and is poured at place where something is needed to be typed.

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